Buddha´s birthday promotion

By AirRevival on May 12th In Uncategorized

Wishing you peace and happiness on Buddha´s birthday and always! Get HKD400 off car units during the weekend 13/5-16/5 with code BUDDHA

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Dirt collection

By AirRevival on April 30th In AirRevival, Environmental, Test

I started a new project today. I put up an AirRevival unit in my kitchen. My plan is to take pictures of it everyday for about 30 days to try and illustrate the build up of dirt. I am hoping the white tiles will make it easy to document how the particles are collected on […]

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Shanghai pre-school installation

By AirRevival on March 23rd In AirRevival, Environmental

  This pre-school in Shanghai has been fitted with the AirRevival wall units to help keep pollutants at bay. The AirRevival units will work 24/7 to remove pollutants from the air- bringing them back to the surface where the unit is located. Once in place the AR units are completely maintenance free and will only consume […]

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By AirRevival on March 18th In Uncategorized

    Wishing everyone a nice and relaxing Easter. Hopefully some warmer weather will come our way as we move into late March/early April. Spring is the time of year for seasonal allergies. As the trees start to bloom and the pollen is released into the atmosphere, allergy sufferers begin their annual ritual of sniffling and […]

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Johnson Group

By AirRevival on March 13th In AirRevival, Environmental

    AirRevival are happy to introduce Johnson-group  http://www.johnson-group.com.hk/home  as our first re-seller  in Hong Kong. Johnson group will offer the AirRevival system as part of their tailored program to customers as well as offering it in their GreenSTORE.   Johnson Group is a Hong Kong based company, offering superior services and products to residential […]

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Every breath we take

By AirRevival on March 11th In Environmental

        A report recently released from the RCP and the RCPCH talks about the effects of air pollution across a lifetime. Air pollution plays a major part in many of the health problems we are facing as a nation today- it has been linked to cancer, asthma, stroke and heart disease, diabetes, obesity, […]

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Taiwan Distributor Event

By AirRevival on February 28th In AirRevival, Environmental

Last Thursday we organised a distributor event for a small group of people in Taipei. IKEA was kind enough to let us use their amazing 4th floor meeting space at IKEA house in Central Taipei. It was a great fit since AirRevival is such a great product for small living spaces. We had a presentation […]

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With every breath

By AirRevival on December 10th In Environmental

News about the pollution problem in India is taking up more and more room in the news reports. A  World Health Organisation study of 1,600 urban centers found India has 13 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities.  New Delhi is renowned of having the dirtiest air of any city in the world. The city’s air […]

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Outsourcing pollution

By AirRevival on December 8th In Uncategorized

  In the U.S. and Europe, 21 and 23 percent of greenhouse gases, respectively, are generated through industrial production; in China, the figure is about double that. The World Bank estimates that at least a quarter of China’s emissions are tied to exports to the U.S. and Europe. Guangzhou in China, well-known for its steel […]

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New studies on the effect of air pollution on birth weight and lung development

By AirRevival on October 6th In Uncategorized

Over the past 30 years, researchers have unearthed a wide array of health effects which are believed to be associated with air pollution exposure. Among them are respiratory diseases (including asthma and changes in lung function), cardiovascular diseases, adverse pregnancy outcomes (such as preterm birth), and even death. In 2013 the World Health Organization concluded […]

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