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HK sky line

It has been a very bad news week in terms of pollution.

We certainly had a scare last Wednesday when the pollution levels went through the roof. With the production being ramped up before CNY there is a risk we´ll see more of those days.

The Post magazine, SCMP Sunday issue, had a very informative piece on pollution focusing on different ways to improve the indoor air quality.

The Environmental Protection Department and four Hong Kong universities also joined forces and installed sensors along the route of Hong Kong Marathon on the weekend so that the runners could get true information about the situation and not only an average from the closest measuring station. It doesn´t help the pollution but at least it gives a good understanding of the conditions at different parts of the route which might lead to a change of the route in the future.

Hong Kong also had other pollution problems as a fluorescent blue glow was seen emanating this week from the coastal waters along Lung Mei, Tai Po. The colour comes from an algae bloom called Noctiluca scintillans, nicknamed “sea sparkle”, which is a kind of red tide whose growth is stimulated by organic pollutants such as sewage.

In Beijing officials failed to reach the 5% cut in air pollution levels in 2014 even though 392 companies were closed down for causing pollution, 476,000 old vehicles were taken off the roads, and 66,000 hectares of green flatland were put in place as part of a forestation project.


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