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AirRevival’s revolutionary Electronic Air Cleaning (EAC) technology takes advantage of electrostatic fields to literally draw pollutants out of the air. Since fine particles naturally have a positive charge, they can be attracted by a negatively charged electrostatic field. By creating just such a field, a single AirRevival unit can capture 90% of particles within an average-sized bedroom, using minimal electricity (approximately 1W).

Thanks to suction cups, you can simply affix an AirRevival unit to an easy-to-clean surface, preferably a glass pane such as a window or mirror. Hazardous particles are drawn from the air and collect on the glass. Once captured, these particles are effectively stuck and are not re-released into the air. Just wipe down the surface to thoroughly cleanse your home of pollutants.

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How it works

Proven efficiency – even for ultra-fine particles

The harmful bioburden in the air consists of biologically active airborne particles of varying sizes. AirRevival has been specifically developed to handle nano-size, ultra-fine particles which are in fact the most hazardous to our health. AirRevival’s performance in cleansing the air of these minute particles is equal to or better than the most expensive HEPA-filtering techniques.

Within just 30 minutes, AirRevival can reduce the level of air pollution dramatically, bringing it well within WHO safety ranges.


Reduction in mold spores

Even modern buildings are frequently affected by the growth of molds and fungi, particularly in humid climates. These microorganisms grow on surfaces, produce spores that become airborne and are associated with allergies, including asthma. Sometimes mycotoxins are produced and these stay airborne with known health effects.

The agar tray illustration of mold growth shows the dramatic reduction of mold spores in the air after using AirRevival.

01: BEFORE EAC – 110 colonies
02: AFTER 18 DAYS – 35 colonies, a reduction of 68%
03: AFTER 2 MONTHS – 6 colonies, a reduction of 95%


Ozone free

Thanks to the innovative use of carbon fibres, controlled voltage and very low current (<1mA) used in EAC technology, AirRevival does not emit ozone. Furthermore, the static electricity created by the device is without known side effects, similar to naturally occurring levels.

Tried and tested

Your health and safety is our foremost concern at AirRevival. EAC technology was conceived in Sweden where is has been extensively tested. It has been successfully used in Swedish schools and daycare centers for over a decade, where studies showed an 80% reduction in fine particles and a 55% reduction in non-attendance, which could be directly attributed to fewer upper airway infections.

The AirRevival system complies with European safety standards and the scientific basis of its innovative and scientifically proven technology has been recognized by the EU.


AirRevival is significantly more cost-effective than other air purifiers on the market. Since it does not use filters, maintenance costs are eradicated completely.

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