Dirt collection


I started a new project today.
I put up an AirRevival unit in my kitchen. My plan is to take pictures of it everyday for about 30 days to try and illustrate the build up of dirt.
I am hoping the white tiles will make it easy to document how the particles are collected on the wall.
I am hoping to add more test environments to this study as we go. By doing that we can see how fast we can see dirt collection in different types of settings.


Quick update-after only 1 day I can see dirt gathered on the wall, just where the carbon fibres are on the emitter. It is hard to catch though. After 2 days I can see it expand further. Tried to catch it using my phone. Can you see the (slightly)darker area(no it is not only a shadow) to the left of the upper carbon fibres?


Also started my documentation of the car today. Starting with an after shot since I have already had the unit in my car for sometime.


You can see the build up of pollutants especially along the metal threads in the window. There is also a hazy film on the window behind the unit but it is harder to see.



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