Johnson Group





AirRevival are happy to introduce Johnson-group  as our first re-seller  in Hong Kong.

Johnson group will offer the AirRevival system as part of their tailored program to customers as well as offering it in their GreenSTORE.


Johnson Group is a Hong Kong based company, offering superior services and products to residential & commercial customers and government bodies.  Johnson Group opened the first branch in Taiwan in 2011 and had steadily expanded our network to Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2014.

The companies three major core businesses of the group include,

1. Services (Pest Control, Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing, Solutions for Allergy Services)

2. Products (Natural Cleaners & Disinfectants, Air Purifying, Energy Saving, Hygiene, Pest Control and Bird Control Products)

3. Goods Sterilization (Exporting Goods ETO Sterilization)


Johnson Group also created, Home + Green Pest Management™, Home + Green Cleaning™, Home + Solutions for Allergy™, Commercial + Fresh Air™, GreenSTORE™

The experts at Johnson Group truly understand clients’ specific needs and expectations and aim to provide  comprehensive and effective programs tailored to the needs of the clients.


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